Solo, a pie y sin ayuda: hombre rompe récord y atraviesa la Antártica

Un aventurero estadounidense atravesó la Antártida de norte a sur a pie en solitario, convirtiéndose en la primera persona en realizar tal hazaña sin ningún tipo de asistencia.

El atleta y escalador de montañas Colin O’Brady, de 33 años, tardó 54 días en recorrer 1.600 kilómetros mientras su posición, definida por un GPS, era indicada cada día en su sitio web Colinobrady.

O’Brady y el británico Army Captain Louis Rudd, de 49 años, salieron individualmente el 3 de noviembre del glaciar Union, en la Antártida, para ver quien lograba completar la hazaña de cruzar a pie solo y sin asistencia el continente helado, informó el medio asociado BioBioChile.

En 1996-97, un explorador noruego llamado Borge Ousland atravesó por primera vez la Antártida en soledad, pero recibió ayuda de terceros con cometas a lo largo de su travesía.

O’Brady y Rudd, por su parte, utilizaron unos trineos llamados pulks que pesan unos 180 kilos.

O’Brady llegó al polo sur el 12 de diciembre, el día 40 de su travesía.

Este miércoles llegó a la meta, en el punto Ross Ice Shelf del Océano Pacífico, tras hacer un total de 1.482 kilómetros. Rudd le sigue a uno o dos días de distancia.

Para celebrarlo, O’Brady compartió una sonriente fotografía en su cuenta de Instagram mostrando cómo lucía tras esta larga travesía.

O’Brady cubrió los últimos 125 kilómetros en 32 horas tras decidir, mientras se hacía el desayuno, hacer la última etapa de un tirón.

“Mientras hervía agua para prepararme el desayuno, una pregunta aparentemente imposible surgió en mi mente”, escribió O’Brady en Instagram. “Me pregunté: ¿Sería posible hacer el camino que me queda hasta la meta de una tirada?”, añadió.

“Para cuando me estaba atando las botas, el plan imposible se había convertido en un objetivo consolidado”, dijo. “Voy a hacer un esfuerzo y tratar de hacer los kilómetros que me faltan de un tirón”.

El diario The New York Times describió el esfuerzo de O’Brady como uno de los “hechos más notables de la historia polar”, a la altura de la “carrera por conquistar el Polo Sur” del noruego Roald Amundsen y el ingles Robert Falcon Scott en 1911.

En 2016 un oficial del ejército inglés, el teniente coronel Henry Worsley, había intentado realizar la misma proeza, pero murió cuando buscaba terminar sin asistencia la travesía.

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Day 40: SOUTH POLE!!! I made it!!! What a day. I expected to be happy reaching the South Pole, but today has quite honestly been one of the best days of my entire life. It was whiteout conditions approaching the pole as it’s been for days. I spent about an hour there – taking photos and soaking in the moment before continuing onward. I am deeply honored to be adding to the 100 year lineage of the @explorersclub flag. Just having that fabric in my hand at the pole, knowing all of the other hands it’s touched over the generations, gives me chills. Shortly after leaving the pole the sun came out and I was overcome with one of the deepest feelings of happiness and calm that I have ever experienced. I truly felt I was tapping into all of the love that was being sent my way from all over the world. Deep, deep, deep gratitude – I’m shining my love right back at you. Some perspective on today’s accomplishment (which for me feels completely humbling, putting me in rare company.) Only 28 people before me have completed coast to pole crossing; skied from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, solo, unsupported (no resupplies), and unaided (no kites). Only 2 people before me have done so on this route. For all of these people the South Pole was a very worthy finish line, but I still have unfinished business as I try to be the very first to complete a full traverse and reach the opposite coast. Onward!! #TheImpossibleFirst #BePossible

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Day 28: BOUNCE BACK!! Jumping for joy after knocking out 19.2 miles today to make up for a lost day yesterday. It was still pretty tough conditions today with full whiteout and HUGE sastrugui. I took some hard falls today not being able to see where I was going, but still managed to get some really solid mileage and climbing done. I’d say a little rest did the body good. Though I was surprised I got more than an inch off the ground on this jump at the end of the day…legs are tired!! The lesson today is about knowing how to hit the reset button. I was frustrated and discouraged in my tent last night, but I woke up this morning to a new day of opportunity. I think it’s important to always remember you can’t change the past, but you can wake up, turn the page, and give today your very best. #TheImpossibleFirst #BePossible

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Day 20: GRATITUDE. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. No special meal for me, just another day pulling my sled and warming myself up eating ramen noodles in a whiteout halfway through the day. But I can feel all of the warmth and love vibrating in the air. In my family we have a tradition of beginning the Thanksgiving meal by going around the table and saying what we are grateful and thankful for. This Thanksgiving I have three things top of mind in ascending order from small to big. 1) Clean socks! I haven’t not changed a single article of clothing since I began. I didn’t even bring an extra pair of underwear to save weight. However I do have a pair of clean socks, and I treated myself to them for the holiday. 2) I am thankful for my health. It’s a huge blessing to have the opportunity to be able to give an expedition like this a shot. I’m thankful that so far my body is holding up. 3) Jenna B! I am so deeply grateful for the love of my life @jennabesaw. They say there is a “strong woman behind every successful man.” I say that phrase is nonsense. Jenna is beside me and more often than not in front of me leading the way. She has watched me fail and struggle so many times and been there to keep picking me up and pushing me forward. She calms me when I am afraid and always knows how to get me right back on track. On top of all that, she is a badass business woman. A project like this has so many moving parts behind the scenes. I’ve got it easy. I just have to walk in a straight line everyday. She juggles all of the balls with so much grace. I love you. Let’s raise a glass this Thanksgiving to all of the Jenna Bs of the world; strong successful women who make the world such a better place. #TheImpossibleFirst #BePossible

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